The HomePod Mini is Apple’s new

The HomePod Mini is Apple’s new, smaller version of their popular HomePod speaker. It comes in space gray, silver, and pink, and has an A8 processor and 8GB of storage. It sports the same six speaker array as the original HomePod, but it’s only 0.5 inches thick and weighs just 3.5 ounces.

The HomePod Mini is Apple's new
The HomePod Mini is Apple’s new

What’s New with HomePod Mini?

The HomePod Mini is now available in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. With its compact design and powerful speaker, the HomePod Mini is perfect for smaller spaces. In addition to its standard features like voice control and Siri access, the HomePod Mini has a new feature called “Hey Siri” that allows you to talk to Siri without having to open the app.

Ultra-Wideband Technology

Ultra-Wideband technology is quickly becoming a standard in the wireless industry. It has many benefits, including the ability to send and receive large amounts of data over short distances. This technology is perfect for connecting devices in close quarters, such as in a home.

The HomePod Mini can take advantage of ultra-wideband technology to create a seamless connection between it and other devices in your home. This allows you to control music playback and other functions without ever having to go out of your way. Ultra-Wideband also makes it possible to keep your home secure and connected even when there’s no Wi-Fi signal available.

This technology is growing more popular by the day, so don’t miss out on its benefits. Get started with ultra-wideband today by purchasing a HomePod Mini.

Thread Support

The HomePod Mini doesn’t come with a built-in thread support, so you’ll need to use a third-party app to make use of multiple HomePods at the same time.


The HomePod Mini is Apple’s newest iteration of its HomePod smart speaker, and it comes with a few nifty connectivity features. Most notably, the HomePod Mini includes support for AirPlay 2, which allows it to stream audio from other Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad. Additionally, the HomePod Mini can act as a speaker dock for your other devices, allowing you to use them as regular speakers without having to connect them to the HomePod.


The HomePod Mini is a great addition to the HomePod lineup. It is small and easy to use, perfect for small spaces. It also has Siri built in, so you can control your home with just your voice.

How does HomePod Mini work?

The HomePod Mini is a smaller, more affordable version of Apple’s popular HomePod speaker. It works in much the same way as the full-size HomePod, with digital assistant Siri at its core. But where the full-size HomePod can fill a large room with its sound, the Mini is designed for smaller spaces. That means it’s perfect for use in bedrooms, dens, kitchens, and other places where you don’t want to take up too much space.

Like the full-size HomePod, the Mini has eight beamforming tweeters and six neodymium drivers that work together to create rich tones and powerful sound.

And like the full-size HomePod, you can control it using Apple’s Siri voice assistant or by using the included Remote app. The Mini also has a Built-in A8 ARM Cortex processor and 512 MB of RAM, so it can handle multiple tasks simultaneously without slowdown.


If you’re looking for a small, easy-to-use speaker that can fill a room with sound, the HomePod Mini is worth considering. It has all the features of its bigger brother, the HomePod, but is less bulky and easier to move around. Plus, it doesn’t require an Apple Music subscription like the main HomePod does — which could be a plus if you’re not interested in using Apple’s music service.

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